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Each basic type of loft conversion that we offer is aimed at a specific kind of work or location, but all of them are equally practical and constructed to the same high standard of overall quality. If you haven’t looked into loft conversions before, then knowing some of the basics can help you decide on what suits your home best.

Remember: we can offer high-quality conversion projects regardless of scope, scale, or style. Even so, having a general idea of how you want your loft to look and feel can drastically speed up the project.

Dormer Loft Conversions

A Dormer conversion is one of the more common types of loft conversion within the UK and is mostly used on semi-detached or terraced houses. These conversions extend the roof upwards to create more headspace, changing quite a lot about the size and shape of your roof in the process.

Dormer designs are very simple, but they can sometimes have limits to how far they can be extended. Changing too much can heavily alter the silhouette of your home, so they always require planning permission and often have to be kept simple to stay consistent with the rest of your home.

Flat Roof Dormer

A flat roof conversion is the simplest way of adding more loft space. It adds a new ‘room’ onto the existing roof structure, effectively giving you a new part of the house to enjoy. This flat roof is very practical and creates a lot of space, making it a great choice for many homes.

Pitched Roof Dormer

A pitched roof conversion gives you less space but can look more appealing and may fit in with the aesthetic of the house better. The sloping roof can also help when dealing with a lot of rain or snow, but the biggest differences are purely in how much roof you get – thanks to the sloping roof, you do not have quite as much floor space to enjoy.

Dormer Window Additions

As a good example of an ‘average’ loft conversion, dormer designs are some of the easiest to install windows in. We can make sure that you get the exact window options you want for your new loft expansion and even match the style of window to keep them consistent with the rest of your home.

Hip to Gable Loft Conversions

A hip to gable loft conversion opens up much more floor space but is also focused on opening up more headspace. Like dormer conversions, these are quite common and very practical but are installed on the side of your roof instead of the front or back. In practical terms, they’re simply in a different position.

Again, these are most often seen on semi-detached housing and provide a lot of additional space in homes that already have an average-sized loft. However, they also involve big changes to the room, meaning that they can take a fair amount of effort to create. We can help you get the best hip to gable loft possible, but it will take some effort to plan.

Mansard Loft Conversions

Mansard loft conversion projects extend the entire roof, turning it from a pointed slope into an extra room that runs across the whole length of the house. These are often installed at the rear of the property and are one of the easiest options if you want to create a space that feels like an entirely new floor of your home.

A mansard loft conversion is quite large and can be more expensive than some other options. They also tend to require a lot more construction work since they’re focused on maximising space while still sticking to the general shape and style of the house. Our staff can help you plan out the perfect mansard loft for your home and preferences.

Mansard Variety

Mansard lofts have a lot of options when it comes to their design, allowing them to easily fit into an existing roof slope design without much effort. While they’re larger than a dormer loft conversion, they provide a lot more space, letting you create top-floor rooms out of an old, unused loft area.

Unlike the vertical wall of dormer loft conversion projects, these are slightly more slanted. While this might reduce loft space on paper, they can be much taller, offering extra space in terms of head clearance and comfort.

VELUX Loft Conversions

A Velux loft conversion is a very cheap way to turn a loft into a living space and is one of the least disruptive options overall. We can offer you a full Velux loft conversion while keeping construction work to a minimum, which not only makes the process faster but also much more convenient for you.

Velux loft conversions don’t alter the roof structure very much, other than adding windows: they use the existing roof space of the loft as a basis for a room. This means that planning permission isn’t always required, although it still has to stay within usual building regulations.

Velux Roof Windows

Velux loft conversion projects are ideal for roof windows since there are barely any changes that need to be made to the loft itself. This means that the roof can be partially opened up to allow for natural light, making it a much nicer living space or bedroom.

We can ensure that you get the room you want, even if you’re using a simple Velux conversion. If you want windows and other adjustments made to your roof, then our expert staff are able to offer it and can even work to help you plan out specific parts of the project based on the current state of your loft and home.

L Shaped Loft Conversions

An L-shaped loft conversion is a great loft conversion option for some oddly-shaped homes, primarily homes that already have an L-shaped roof layout (usually due to an extension that sticks out from the house’s main ‘body’). These can create extra loft space compared to your typical conversion types, although they take some extra work to build.

We are able to construct the perfect L-shaped loft for your home, whether that’s on terraced, detached or semi-detached houses. Our services include the stress of having to find out what planning permission you need, making it much easier for you to get your new roof space without having to worry too much.

L-Shaped Loft Flexibility

L-shaped loft conversion options are perfect for building over any kind of room, including first-floor habitable rooms in bungalows. They could extend the total size of your loft while still conforming to the general shape of your home and can be useful for connecting two different loft areas if they were built separately.

If your house has an extension, this kind of loft is a bit more costly but also provides far more internal loft space without requiring any other major changes. We can install this kind of conversion in the same way as a dormer loft conversion, only with an alternate shape.

L-Shaped Loft Types

L-shaped lofts can be tailored towards what each client wants, meaning that we can adjust our work to suit your preferences. We could design an L-shaped loft with dormer windows, sloping roofs, or even more specific features like sound insulation: all to the same high standard of quality that we always aim for.

This makes L-shaped lofts a very customisation choice since they’re more of a shape than a specific kind of loft design. Our experts can help you plan out the ideal design and layout for a new attic conversion, all while still observing the usual safety concerns and the physical limits of your home.

Wrap Around Loft Conversions

Our wrap-around loft conversions are some of the largest that we can create, giving you a massive amount of additional space on your home roof. Not only do they offer more head height than regular sloping roofs, but they effectively form a complete room, using multiple vertical walls to build the new loft space.

Unlike most other loft conversion options we offer, a wrap-around loft is very versatile. It acts like a ‘box’ or a standalone room, replacing part of your loft with a new roof space – an upwards extension to your home. Thanks to this, you get plenty of head height and a lot of additional flooring space.

Wrap Around Rooms

Our wrap-around loft conversion options are perfect for anybody who wants an entirely new room in their home. While they require a lot of planning permission to construct and can be quite time-consuming and costly to create, they’re also some of the largest conversions we can offer.

This is almost like adding a new floor to your home, with all the benefits and drawbacks that you would expect. All of our wrap around conversions are built to the highest level of quality and care that we can manage, and we can make sure that we maximise the amount of space you have available in the conversion plan.

Modular Loft Conversions

Modular loft conversion projects are pre-fabricated conversions that are built off-site then installed in place of a house’s original roof. These can be very complex to prepare for since they require an entire roof to be removed and replaced, but they also open up a massive amount of customisation and control over the space you get.

We can help you arrange the perfect modular loft construction project for your home and make sure that any relevant contractors or companies are hired and available to construct the modular pieces themselves. Of course, our excellent staff are also on standby to help you with planning, getting you the exact design you want in the most efficient way possible.

Roof Light Loft Conversions

A roof light loft conversion is one of the most simple loft options we offer. Rather than loft extension, this project is simply based on adding roof lights (also known as skylights) to keep the loft well-lit through natural light. This means that they don’t tend to need much planning permission and that they can be cost-effective overall.

Our roof light conversions can either be handled as a standalone conversion or as part of a larger loft extension. We have multiple different types of roof lights on offer, from roof-flush conservation lights to more contemporary pitched lights that angle themselves downwards at one side.

There are no specific rules or designs when it comes to these lights. Whatever your loft conversion design or personal preferences, you can let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll be able to build you the ideal lighting windows for your loft.

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