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We offer a range of loft conversion project options that can turn unusable existing space into a brand new room. 

Loft conversion projects are a stylish way of adding more space to your home. While complex, even a basic loft conversion can open up a lot more internal loft space and provide you with versatile, habitable rooms. Planning out and constructing the perfect usable space in your loft isn’t easy on your own, though.

Our loft conversion services are some of the best in the UK, and our past experience with thousands of individual customers has allowed us to refine our craft.

But what kind of conversion options are available, and what would work best for your own home?

If you’re unsure of what to look for or don’t know anything about loft conversion, then this breakdown of different options and benefits can help you decide which of our services are right for your home and lifestyle.

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Who are Elite Loft Conversions?

We at Elite Loft Conversions are loft conversion specialists with years of in-depth home building experience, having worked with countless clients to give them the best results possible. Whether it’s extra space or a specific kind of loft room, we have handled every type of loft conversion and are fully equipped to take on new challenges for each new customer.

We handle each of our conversion projects as a distinct process, making sure that it is perfectly suited to the client that we’re working with at the time. Our expert staff are able to find the perfect balance between client preferences and building regulations, delivering a perfect conversion of your existing loft space in record time.

Our work is tailored to each client and designed according to their tastes. We always aim to give our clients the best loft conversion outcomes possible, no matter how specific their requirements are or the kind of work that might be involved. If you have a project in mind, we can make sure that it sees the light of day.

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Why Choose Us?

  1. We promise all of our clients that we’ll deliver the best loft conversion project results every single time. Even now, we’ve been working with countless clients to help them convert attics at an extremely high standard of quality, giving them everything they need to open up more space in their homes.
  • Our Work – Our work spans projects of all shapes and sizes, working with clients at any scale. Whether they’re able to complete part of the project DIY or rely on us for all of the work, we can make sure that we give them exactly what they ask for – while also observing safety standards, building regulations and quality control.
  • Over 20 Years Experience in Loft Conversions – As a company, we have over 20 years of experience in the loft conversion niche and have installed thousands of individual loft conversion projects across the UK alone. Each piece of work we complete only improves our skills further, letting us provide better and better results to any clients we have.
  • Versatile Skills – We are able to tailor our work to the client rather than forcing the client to choose from pre-defined options. Every single loft conversion project is unique, and we make sure that it works with the client’s wishes, no matter how specific some of them may be.
  • Common Sense – Our staff are able to observe important factors like roof structure, floor space limits, load-bearing walls and overall safety standards during each project, ensuring that your finished loft is perfectly safe to use. This also allows us to find ways of improving the loft conversion plans if we encounter any roadblocks or other temporary setbacks.
  • Planning – Planning out a loft conversion project is tough. We have created a department that is specific to creating loft conversion plans for you. We are able to review your existing plans or help draft new ones based on your preferences, setting up the foundations for an amazing loft that is both practical and appealing.
  • Consistency – All of our loft conversion projects are handled to the highest possible standard of quality. Our work is meant to be as good as possible, providing clients with exactly what they want no matter the situation. We aim for this consistently and will always create the best attic we can from the plans that we’re given.

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